The decisions President Hoover made handling that depression left a negative opinion of him in the eyes of the people. Soon came time for the presidental election of 1932, and while many people did not like president Hoover, he was able to gain the Republican primary. Hoover's opponent, Franklin D Roosevelt, a Democratic governor from New York was his oppenent. With the problems of the depression taking its' effect on the American people, many citizens were looking for a change. Many people thought Franklin Roosevelt was the people's president. One of the reason many people thought this was by listening to his speeches. When talking to the people, many felt that FDR was talking directly to them and cared how they felt. Another reason many people liked FDR was his promise to help during the depression. The majority of the american people were left with a bitter taste in their mouth from president Hoover not doing much to help them. FDR promised the people that he would do anything he could to help the people get back to being able to support their families and put the trust back into banks. By the end of the election, Roosevelt beat Hoover 472 electoral votes to 59, the biggest victory in U.S. history at the time.fdr_in_1933.jpg

fdr-his-baby-now.gifAfter Franklin Roosevelt won the presidential election, he went straight to work to get the U.S. back on track. The Political Cartoon shows the many challenges Roosevelt would have to take care of as president that Hoover did not address. The first 100 days, FDR began coming up with the new deal to help bring the problems to a hault.