During President Hoover's term, it was uncertain if he would potentially be re-elected for president. during Hoover's term; 1.5 million Americans were homeless, 35% of the population was unemployed, and the american people did not trust their money with the banks, causing the banking system to be on the breaks of collapsing. While all of these problems hindered Hoover's chance at re-election, none of them come close in comparison to the Bonus Army March in the Spring of 1932.
Soldier that served, received service certificates that could be redeemed for money with a little bit of interest. After the depression began, many Veterans went looking to collect their money that was promised to them. Even though this money was promised to the soldiers, President Hoovere did not give them what they earned. In reaction to Hoover's response, the Bonus Army March took place in 1932.when over 40,000 people marched into Washington D.C. to demand their money through protesting. President Hoover believes that if he waits long enough, that the mob of people will eventually get tired and clear out of the nation's capital, however numbers grew until Hoover called in for help in July of that year.

On July 28th, President Hoover called in the help of the U.S. troops to force every protestor out of the nation's capital. Douglas MacAuthur and George Patton to charge is commanding the troops that kicked out their fellow Veterans. However, the protestors did what they could to resist leaving. This caused problems to begin. fighting broke out between the peaceful protesters and the troops. the end result 2 cops dead, 2 civilians dead, and one infant dead.