The Great Depression

The Great Depression brings so many images to mind. Poor folk standing outside a shack, like the above picture. The Dust Bowl, huge lines to get free food, and political cartoons of Hoover and Roosevelt. These things are so American, however. It's important to remember that the Great Depression was worldwide: a cause of World War I. However, since encountering a chapter based on the entire worldwide Depression would not be realistic, this chapter focuses in on the aspects of American life during the Depression. What was life like to be an African American or American Indian during the 1930's? What was the cause of the stock market crash? What did each president do to help the country handle the Great Depression? Were there groups of people that struggled long before the Depression? How did the common people react, and how did the government react to all these new changes? This chapter will look into and examine these and many other aspects of the American Great Depression.